1st Annual Islander Picnic - July 13, 2003 - Pacific Palisades, CA

 1 - Jerry Weeks  2 - Barbara Goodale  3 - Jim Hammond  4 - Ron Tolliver  5 - Geri Roth  6 - Jill Salisbury  7 - Sheri McGovern  8 - Art Kalty  9 - Mike Sanchez  10 - Kathy Sanchez  11 - Don Philips  12 - Mike Ripps  13 - Vernette Tatum  14 - Bobby Matthess  15 - Diane Philips  16 - Willie Bredberg  17 - Ellen Weitman  18 - Dick Barry  19 - Ricky Lazaroff  20 - Doug Weitman  21 - Craig Johnson  22 - Wilda Alan  23 - Jim Rokos  24 - Diane Graveline  25 - Sandy Lederfine  26 - Carl Albert  27 - Susan Schaefer  28 - MaryLou Frick  29 - Rusty Benglen  30 - Tom Linton  31 - Barbara Linton  32 - Lenny Grossman  33 - Judi Hersh  34 - Tom Welch  35 - Bruce Little  36 - Karen Blessing  37 - Pam May  38 - Kingery Boehr  39 - Mel Keiser  40 - Sheila Fields  41 - Muffy Cohan  42 -   43 -   44 - Jeff Wasserman  45 - Joan Kline  46 - Carol McConkey  47 - Dudley McConkey  48 - Jerelyn Sawyer  49 - Carolyn Snow  50 - Larry Lucas  51 -   52 - Phil Fridel  53 - Elaine Lucas  54 - Mark Speizer  55 - Katie Haas  56 - Jane McNaughton  57 - Barbara Barton  58 - Pam Gilchrist  59 - Randy Barnard  60 - Karen Russell  61 - Steve Brown  62 - Sylvia Shager  63 - Jeff  64 - Sue Tyler  65 - Sheri Schenk  66 - Keith Barker  67 - Leanne Moody  68 - David Grove  69 - Jean Drumm  70 - Jeff Kroot  71 - John Findlater  72 - Victoria Findlater  73 - Linden  74 - Bill Layton, Our Physics Dept Teacher at Uni  75 - Dan Fuller  76 - Don Parson  77 - Stuart Muller  78 - Bob Owens  79 - Harris Oliff  80 - Nancy McMorrow

Well, this is the group that made it to the picnic photo... some left too early, some arrived too late, but this was the "Main Body" of people who survived the picnic.  We took over a dozen shots of this group, and in every shot, somebody was hidden behind somebody else... but this one, the vast majority of people are visible. What a GREAT GROUP of people this was... too.  [Pass your mouse over their faces, and you should see their name.]

Kathy & Mike Sanchez and Pam May Burdi

front row: Carol McConkey Younger & Dudley  and Muffy Cohan Barnard
back row:  Stuart Muller, Danny Fuller, Bobby Matthess, Mike Bobrick

Pat Delameter, Ann Hovey Black, Diane Graveline Johnson

Bruce Little, Vernette Tatum, Karen Blessing Little, Geri Roth Jacobson

Susan's husband, Carl Albert, Susan Schaefer, Wilda Allan Rokos, Jim Rokos

Joni Wiseman, Harris Oliff, Phil Friedel, Katie Hass Friedel, Danny Fuller

Mike Sanchez, Gary Marquis, Bobby Matthess, Randy Barnard, Mike Bobrick

Vernette Tatum, Muffy Cohan Barnard

Sheri McGovern Hammond, Vernette Tatum

Ellen Weitman, Doug Weitman, Bobby Matthess

Elaine Lucas, Carol McConkey, Diane Graveline Johnson, Kathy Sanchez
back row:  Mark Speizer, Mike Sanchez

Back row ~ Barbara Barton, Karen Russell
front row ~ Diane Graveline, Art Kalty, Barbara Goodale Kalty

Physics teacher Bill Layton, Keith Barker, Pam May Burdi

Judy Champagne, her husband Roy Wunderlich and their beautiful German Shepherd "Justice"

Carol McConkey and Sheila Fields ... we shop at the same store!! :-)


Jerry Weeks, Ron Hattis and Ellen Borden Hattis

Stuart Muller, Mike Bobrick and John Kuhn

Patti Delameter, Joanne McDowell & "Duncan" and Ann Hovey

Judi Hersh Welch, Tom Welch, Tom Linton, Ron Tolliver, Jill Salisbury Tolliver

Rusty Benglen, Keith Barker

Jean Drumm and Jeff Kroot

Larry Kent

Bruce Little, Karen Blessing Little and Don (FiFi) Philips

Barbara Barton Pajot and Beverly Hull

back row:  Willie Bredberg, Jerry Weeks
front row: Vernette Tatum, Muffy Cohan Barnard, Diane Graveline Johnson, Mark Speizer

Mike Bobrick, Harris Oliff, Nancy McMorrow Oliff, Stuart Muller

Willie Bredberg, Barbara Barton, Dick Barry, Jean Drumm, Karen Russell

Jim and Judy Hine

Karen Blessing and Mike Ripps

Vicki Findlater and Linden

Rich Goshert

Jane McNaughton, Beverly Hull & Sheila Fields


John Findlater

Jim Hine, Jeff Campbell (Bob Brann's new hero), Jeff's beautiful German Shepherd,
Jeff's girlfriend Lorraine & Jeff's daughter

Sherrie Schenk Mariol and Jeff

Sue Tyler, Jill Salisbury Tolliver, David Grove and  Leanne Moody Grove

Katie Hass Friedel, Phil Friedel and Dianne Kerr Macondray

Randy Barnard, Craig Johnson and Larry Lucas


Beverly Hull and Jeff Campbell 

Don (FiFi) Philips and Jim Hine

Sandy Lederfine, Diane Graveline, Sherrie Schenk, Dudley (Mr. look into the camera and look cute)
Carol McConkey and Vernette Tatum

Stuart Muller, Kathryn (Buzzy) Brown , Jerry Weeks and Don Philips

Willie Bredberg, Don Philips, Ricky Lazaroff, Rusty Benglen and far right in the background 
is Don Parson and Bob Owens

Judi Hersh, Joan Gardner and Karen Russell

Judi Hersh & Dick Barry ... Sheri McGovern on the right

(?), Joan Gardner, Karen Russell and Jill Salisbury

Mark Speizer, Karen Russell, Bob Brann & Carolyn Snow

Rich Goshert, Karen Russell, Bobby Matthess and Jean Drumm (The Bellagio Road School kids) ...

Jane McNaughton, Vernette Tatum & Judi Hersh

Jerelyn Sawyer & Katie Haas

Elaine Lucas, Jeff Wasserman,

Larry Lucas, Stuart Muller, Jeff Wasserman and Monika Henreid

Jeff Kroot, Jean Drumm, Bob Owens, Randy Barnard, Don Parson & Bob Bresnik

Gary Marquis, Mike Bobrick and Karla Webb acting goofy with  an original "Vagabond" hat

Danny Fuller brought his Dukes' jacket ...

Sherrie Schenk, Jeff, Randy Barnard, Muffy Cohan, Vernette Tatum & Sandy Lederfine 

center: Carol McConkey & Willie Bredberg, with Art Kalty & Barbara Goodale on the left and Muffy Cohan and Mark Speizer on the right ... 

A group of classmates looking at the FABULOUS picture boards Diane Graveline created.