2nd Annual Islander Picnic


A special "Thank You" to our photographers,
Bobby Brann, Muffy & Randy Barnard, Hal Thorburn, Steve Brown,
Pete & Patti Malmen Motta, Bruce Little & Mel Keiser ...
without you, we wouldn't have these wonderful memories!!

Susan Schaefer visiting with Sheila Fields & Dale Luster

Dale Luster, David Willson, Sheila Fields & Ann Patterson

Lucky Stuart Muller and his wonderful parents & Missy Tatum


Don & Diane Philips

David Binder & Sheila Fields

Linden & John Findlater, Sheila Fields, Ann Patterson & David Willson

Melinda Guss & Sheila Fields

Jeanne Drumm, Barbara Sugarman, Linda Meyrowitz, Sheila Fields & Susan Sidy

Sherry Wagner, Nancy McMorrow, Kris & Gene Horner

Pat & Sherry Wagner

Ann Patterson Stahl, Karen Blessing Little & John Findlater

Geri Roth, Jill Salisbury, Judi Hersh, Missy Tatum,
Carol & Dudley McConkey, Patti Malmen, Muffy Cohan & Anne Shipley


Jill Salisbury Tolliver & Pam Gilchrist Willen

Back row - Hal Thorburn, Don Philips
Middle row - David Willson
Front row - Muffy Cohan, Ann Patterson

Larry Lucas, Jill Salisbury, Judi Hersh, Muffy Cohan, 
Pam Gilchrist & Pete Motta (Patti Malmen's hubby)

Eddie Moore, Sheri McGovern Hammond & Jim Hammond

Muffy Cohan, Gary Marquis & Carol McConkey

Muffy Cohan Barnard, Tom Welch, Judi Hersh Welch, Karen Russell Brown

Jeanne Drumm & Karen Russell

Larry Lucas & Gene Willen

Melinda Guss & Steve Toshiyuki and his two beautiful dogs

Randy Barnard & John Strong

Anne Shipley Carlstedt & Brent Miller

Blake Moore, Todd Turnham, Tom Moore & Mary Moore

Jill Salisbury Tolliver & Anne Shipley Carlstedt

Steve Brown 

Mark Speizer & Michael Ripps

Melantha Tatum & Bill Bakaleinikoff

Phil Birnbaum

Linda Meyrowitz Blank, hubby &  Karen Russell

Muffy Cohan & Eddie Moore

Jill Salisbury, Geri Roth, Vernette Tatum, Anne Shipley, Mikell Nettles,
Judi Hersh, Patti Malmen & Sherrie Schenk

Anne Shipley, Mark Speizer, & Susan Sidy

Michael Ripps, Stuart Kern & Lenny Grossman

Doug Weitman's friend's Duce Coupe

Chef Pat Wagner

Karen Russell & Lenny Grossman

Todd Turnham, Stuart Muller, Mike Bobrick & Bob Butler

Steve Toshiyuki's 1952 Chevy truck

Dorothy Shaw

Johnny Findlater & daughter, Linden

Hal Thorburn, Sherry & Pat Wagner

Tom Welch & Mike Sanchez

Daisy Albertson, Johnny Nollen, Doug Weitman, Ellen Weitman,
Carol & Bill Bagshaw, David Willson & David Binder

Doug Weitman's Beautiful Jaguar 
Johnny Nollen's 1932 Ford Roaster
Bruce Albertson's Duce Coupe

Doug Weitman still has his Duke's jacket ...

Mel Keiser (Sheila Field's hubby)

Dale Luster Silverman & hubby David in front of their
classic Model A Ford Sedan

Pam Gilchrist Willen, hubby Gene & David Silverman

Geri Roth Jacobson, with Mike Bobrick to the left.

Randy Barnard & John Kuhn


Connie Gerlough Boyd

Mikell Nettles, Muffy Cohan, Carol McConkey, Vernette Tatum

Beverly Hull

Vince Flaherty, Gary Marquis, Mike Bobrick, Bob Matthess
Randy Barnard, Mike Harney, John Kuhn & Todd Turnham

Eddie Moore, Randy Barnard, Gary Marquis, Tom Moore (Ed's brother)


Mikell Nettles, Jill Salisbury, Connie Gerlough, Judi Hersh & Muffy Cohan

Nancy McMorrow Oliff & Harris Oliff

Dan "Danny" Fuller

Karen Blessing showing off her braces!!

 Larry Lucas & Patti Malmen

Rich McKinney

Sheila Fields, Ann Patterson behind her

Bobby Brann & Don Parson

Mikell Nettles, Patti Malmen, Bob Owens, Barbara Sugarman & Don Parson

Jeff Haller, Sherrie Schenk & Pete Avalone

Sheila Fields, Linda Meyrowitz & Dale Luster

Stuart Muller & Ellen (Mrs. Bill) Bakaleinikoff

Ron Tolliver & Brent Miller

Bill Bakaleinikoff