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5th Annual Islander & Friends Class Picnic
 Sunday, July 13, 2008 

Thanks to our Photographers
Muffy Cohan, Guy Webb, Mary Martin,
Karen Russell & Mike Ripps 

Mike Johnson & Tom Welch


Stuart Muller, Gina Webb, John Strong & Muffy Cohan Barnard

Stuart Muller, Randy Barnard, & John Strong

Brent Miller, Judi Hersh Welch, Sandy Lederfine, Vernette Tatum, & Muffy Cohan Barnard

Janie Weinberg, Karen Russell. Judi Hersh, Sheila Fields, Geri Roth & Muffy Cohan


Stuart Muller, Sherrie Schenk & Jim Hine

Don Philips, Diane Philips, Mel Keiser & Sheila Fields Keiser

Joan Kline, Jane Weinberg & Karen Russell

Sherrie Schenk & Brent Miller

Pete Avallone, Sandy Lederfine & Randy Barnard


The Webb's ... Karla, Jackie, Mary & Gina


Doug Wasson & Randy Barnard

Stuart Kern, Vernette Tatum, David Binder & Chris Boehr


Guy Webb, Pete Avallone, John Strong & Todd Turnham


Sandy Lederfine & Muffy Cohan


Tom Welch, Geri Roth, Penny Holland Wasson & Doug Wasson


Chris Boehr, David Binder & Stuart Kern


Mike Ripps, Mark Speizer & Steve Brown


Jackie Webb (Guy's mom) Birthday girl "90" and Ernie Jenewein


Guy & daughter Gina Webb


Jackie Webb says to Stuart Kern ...
Stuart, I would love to marry you, but honestly it hurts my neck to look up that far
and when I look down, I start laughing so hard that I get the hiccups!!

Muffy Cohan, Tom Welch, Geri Roth, John Strong, Guy Webb, Sherrie Schenk, Brent Miller
& Sandy Lederfine

Ray Huntington & Jerelyn Sawyer


Bruce & Karen Blessing Little

Don Parson

Bob Owens

Doug Weitman

Bob Garvin, Stuart Muller, Jeff Haller, Randy Barnard & R. B. Butler