Thanks to our wonderful photographers, Karen Russell Brown, Steve Brown,  Muffy Cohan Barnard & Randy Barnard & John Barberis
for capturing a wonderful day!!! I have a question mark where I don't know the person's name, if it is you and/or
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     Islander Class & Friends Picnic
Pacific Palisades, CA ...

 Saturday, June 22, 2013




The Morning After Pill

The three-year drought over
The Class Picnic
The alternate reality
Return to the holding tank

The usual suspects
A few less, a few more
The chums from afar
Those who couldn't
Others who wouldn't

The sea-cooled Summer sun
Aged skin cooked medium rare

The still stunning girls
Their eyes forever young
The dudes now rich
Those beyond caring
Only their toys separate them
The distant past unites them
That and Medicare

The awkward conversation
The search for common ground                                                                           
Found sort of
Time to leave already?                                                                             Karen Russell & Stuart

Same time next year?                                                                                
I sure hope so!

-stuart kern

Stuart Kern, Bobby Matthess, Doug Weitman & Bill Bakaleinikoff


Jane McNaughton

Brian Wald, Timothea Lytton & Karen Russell

Jeff Haller, Bobby Matthess, Brian Wald & John Barberis

Brent Miller & Sherrie Schenk

?, Jerelyn Sawyer

Todd Turnham, Randy Barnard & Doug Weitman


Karen Russell & Brian Wald

Muffy Cohan & Bob Matthess

Brian Wald, Larry Kent & Steve Brown

Sherrie Schenk, Todd Turnham, Bobby Matthess, ? & Pete Avalone


Brian Wald, Timothea Lytton & Karen Russell


Doug & Ellen Weitman, Bill Bagshaw, Joan & Doug Prestine

Diane Ledeboer

Michael Ripps & Connie Gerlough


Sherrie Schenk & Bobby Matthess

Ellen Bakaleinikoff & Muffy Cohan


Bill Bakaleinikoff, Bill Bagshaw & Doug Prestine

Jeff Haller, Vernette Tatum, Muffy Cohan & Sherrie Schenk

Muffy Cohan, Karen Russell & Geri Roth

Doug Prestine, Joan Prestine & Doug Weitman


Muffy Cohan, Sherrie Schenk, Larry Kent & Vernette Tatum


Michael Ripps & Stuart Kern

Doug Prestine & Bill Bagshaw

Stuart Kern


Connie Gerlough, Katie Haas, ? Vernette Tatum, Lynne Hurst, Diane Ledeboer & Jane McNaughton


Doug Prestine, Ellen Weitman & Stuart Kern

Vernette Tatum & Jill Salisbury

Muffy Cohan, Sherrie Schenk, Geri Roth & Vernette Tatum

Sherrie Schenk & Diane Graveline

Larry Kent, Diane Graveline & Randy Barnard


Randy Barnard & Bill Bagshaw

Jane McNaughton & Don Parson


Stuart Kern, Diane Graveline, Doug Weitman & Doug Prestine

Randy Barnard, Bobby Matthess & Pete Avalone

Don Parson


Barbara Barton & Muffy Cohan



Islanders ...