2005 Uni Alumni Picnic

We didn't have the Islander's Hospitality Chalet set-up and  decorated this year, and only a handful of Islanders attended the picnic... It rained (sprinkled) a little again this year, but at least we didn't "Drown" like some of you did last year when the picnic was actually cancelled at the last minute.

Here are some of the photos that were taken of our Islanders and Friends of Islanders... this year.

Thanks to Bob Owens and Bruce Little for the photographs.

Karen Blessing [Little] sits on the Island Bike, and is almost ready to take it for a spin.


The "Main Crew" from "Saturday Night Live".. we always have a good time.


Islander, Tony Kotenmeyer found us at the picnic... Long time, Tony. He's
a resident of Santa Monica, and I'm sure he'll be at our future functions.


The "Islander Gang"
Tom Varner, Joan Kline, Julian Delgado, Bob Joy, Steve Toshiyuki, Karen Blessing, BobBrann

Bruce Little did some "experimental" photography, here... this is a shot of the
Indian Springs in the Horticulture area (where the drivers education
classrooms used to be). Nice shot, Bruce, thank you.

THANKS everyone for another fun day!!!