In Honor of our Classmates
 who Served in the Armed Forces,
Represented Our Country and 
Fought So Bravely...

Frank Holguin, USA
(1st GI from Los Angeles to die in Viet Nam combat.
Frank & helicopter crew shot down and killed
on March 15, 1964)

LLoyd Knutson, USMC
(died in a helicopter crash during a training mission, 1967)

Pete Avallone, USN
(Viet Nam Vet)

Bill Bakaleinikoff, USMC

John Barberis, USN

Keith Barker, USCG
(Viet Nam Vet)

Phil Birnbaum-More, USAF

Mike Bobrick, USN
(Viet Nam Vet)

Ian Campbell, National Guard

Jerry Carpenter, USN

Kenny Carroll, USA

Peter Dane, Army National Guard

Bob Dodson, USA

Stephen Done, USA Medical Corp. (retired)

Steve Dunn, USMC

Ron Ford, USAF
(Viet Nam Vet)

Jim Giba, USA

Jim Hine, USA
(Vietnam Vet 1965-1966)

Stafford Howlett, USMC

Craig Hubert, USAF

Stephen Hubert, USAF

US NPhillip Huckans, USN
(with the Amphibious Assault Marines,
5 tour Viet Nam Vet)
Assault Mari

Bill Jordan, USA

Stowe Killingsworth, USAStow
(Viet Nam Vet)

Dave Kuhn, USAF
(Viet Nam Vet)

Gary Marquis, USN

Rich McKinney, USMC

Bob Owens, USAF

Don Parson, USAF

Bill Peter, USAF (retired)

Tim Riley, USA

Steve Roach, USA
(Viet Nam Vet)

Mike Sanchez, USA
(Viet Nam Vet)

Warren Scoville, USA

Mark Speizer, USA

Robin Springer, USAF

George Tauxe, USCG

Hal Thorburn, USAF

Dennis Toth, USA
(Viet Nam Vet)

Warren Varner, USA

Augie Wagner, USAF
(Viet Nam Vet)

Pat Wagner, USAF

Guy Webb, USMC

Jerry Weeks, USN

Doug Weitman, USMC

Ken Wolf, USA

and many, many more...
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Carol McConkey Younger]