Tune-up your computer.

We change the pages of this website frequently. Every day, SOMETHING is changed. When you visit this website, your computer takes a "picture" of the pages and remembers what it saw here. If the settings in your computer under "Internet Options" are not properly set... the next time you visit this website your computer will look at the "Old Picture" of these web pages, and you won't be seeing what is "current". Here is the procedure to make certain you are seeing the latest version.

To see the latest version, you have to make sure your Internet Options is checked on "every visit to the page":  

1) from the start menu, select "Control Panel" 

2) then select "Internet Options", 

3) you are then in the "Internet Properties" dialog box. 

4) Under the "Temporary Internet Files", (which is not a tab, but the 2nd box down) click on "Settings".  

5) There are 4 buttons to choose from.  Select "Every visit to the page". That way you will always get the latest version of our site and other sites you visit. 

6) Click "ok" and or "apply" "ok".  That will save your settings and you will exit back to where you were.