More Recent Photos of Friends ...


Bob Emrich & Sue Seibert Spector - friends since grade school!!
July ~ 2017

Sue Seibert & Linden Findlater ~ April 2017 ~



Susan Sidy and Joe Schmitz

Susan Sidy and her new hubby ...  Susan's story ...  March 2017

Susan Sidy and Joe Schmitz. We met and married at the Asylum in Jerome, AZ.  Met 6 years ago and married 2 years ago. 
Living on the edge of the forest in a home we built in Deadwood, SD.  Never too old to find my true soul mate! 


All just attended a "Four Preps" concert in Oxnard, CA ~ September 2016

(left side of table) Tom Welch, Judi Hersh Welch, Sherrie Schenk, Jeff, Randy Barnard
(right side of table)  Glen, Alison Plant, Muffy Cohan Barnard, Vernette Tatum, Tom

John Findlater, Stowe Killingsworth & Skooter Booth ~ July 2016
Best friends since they were 6 years old!!!




JiJill Salisbury Tolliver, Diane Graveline Johnson & Barbara Goodale Kalty ~ February 15, 2016

Hillary Thompson & Monica Webb ~ February 15, 2016

Jill, Diane, Barbara, Hillary & Monica all started Pacific Palisades Elementary
in Kindergarten ... and are still friends to this day!!!   AMAZING!!! 


Jacquie Brothers Rosencrantz & Kitty Harper Ash
Christmas 2014


Arline Tepper & husband Harry ~ 2011

Vernette Tatum & Diane Graveline,
seated:  Monica Webb & Hillary Thompson  ~ May 2013

Carolyn Crundall Stransky on her Harley

BBette McConnell Amsler
NASCAR Hall of Fame

Monica Webb, Hillary Thompson, Diane Graveline, Jill Salisbury ~ Aug. 2012

Mary Anne Lucas, Vernette Tatum, Carol McConkey, Geri Roth, Muffy Cohan, Patti Malmin, Diane Graveline
 ~ San Francisco, CA August 2012 ~

Stowe Killingsworth, Skooter Booth & John Findlater ~ July 2012
Childhood friends and still going strong!!!


Shirley Fox Brown & Diane Graveline Johnson
at Shirley's home in Herriman, Utah ~  July 2012


JJudy McCord & Diane Graveline Johnson
in front of Judy's candy store in Twin Bridges, Montana ~ July 2012

Stowe & Susan Killingsworth and John & Vicki Findlater ~ June, 2011

John Findlater, Stowe Killingsworth, & Scooter Booth ~ 2010


CCandis "Candy" Townsend ~ 2011


Steve & Apollonia Silver
at their home in Germany ~ 2011


Super Bowl, February 2011
L-R   Jeanne Zalk, Vernette Tatum, Sherrie Schenk, Muffy Cohan, Randy Barnard
front row, Jeff Haller, Dick Barry & Stuart Kern

Jerry Carpenter & Phillip Huckans ~ June 2010 ~ Solvang, CA
Had a wonderful time reconnecting after 49 years!!!

Left side of table ...
Peter Newman, Peter's girlfriend Kay, Tom Welch, Judi Hersh Welch
Right side of table ...
Ed Moore, Tim Ellis, Kay's sister, Beverly and Mary Kumler Moore
January 2009 ~ Palm Springs

Diane Graveline Johnson, Ken Norton, Jr. and his son
December 2009

Tekla Dennison Miller & husband, Chet
Machu Picchu ~ summer 2009


Jeanette Andersen, Class of 1960
 Nov. 2009


L-R  Maryanne Lucas, Nancy Horton, Jill Salisbury, Vernette Tatum,
Judi Hersh, Diane Graveline, Geri Roth & Dianne Novak
Marina Del Rey, CA ~  July 2009


Karen Blessing Little,  dressed for a "Sock Hop"
 April ~ 2009

Guy Webb, Diane Graveline, Jackie Webb & Bonnie Graveline
Getty Museum, Malibu, CA  March, 2009


Dale Kern (Stuart's sister) Stuart Kern & Karen Russell Brown
Super Bowl Sunday ~ 2009

Lenny Grossman & Steve Brown
Super Bowl Sunday ~ 2009


Ronnie Kosser & his daughter
Super Bowl Sunday ~ 2009

Bobby Matthess & Muffy Cohan Barnard
Super Bowl Sunday ~ 2009



Jill Salisbury Tolliver, Bobbie Barton Pajot & Judi Hersh Welch
January 2009


Tony, Gale Aronson Roth & Tully
December, 2008 ~ Seattle, WA


Rogers & Toni Barra Hardy, Judy Vandegrift & hubby Glen (all standing
in front of Glen's beautiful art) and their doggie, Zelda   ~  Nov. 2008 

Bill Jordan and his family ... Napa Valley, CA 2003

MMike Moroney & Pat Wagner, August, 2008
Marina Del Rey, CA


Jacquie Brothers Rosencrantz & Kitty Harper Ash ~ 8/08

Holly Evans Cohen (S'60) & Jacquie Brothers Rosencrantz ~ 7/08



Bob Brann ~ May 2008
Recuperating from a stroke, Bob is pointing to the
Iowa quarter that completed his set and all the
get-well cards in the background.


Mike & Zeppy Bobrick ~ April 2008


Keith Barker & his new wife, Nitzi
~ October 2007 ~

Bonnie Buerkle & her new husband, Thomas
on their Wedding Day
March 2, 2008 ~  Las Vegas, NV


Neal & Barbara Eisner ~ December 2007


Paul & Mim Groesse
Thanksgiving Day ~ 2007


Barbara Colwell Cameron ~ June 2007
in front of her townhouse in Vancouver, Canada


Having a GREAT day in Old Town, San Diego, CA are ..

L-R  Judi Hersh, Sherrie Schenk, Missy Tatum, Diane Graveline, Muffy Cohan,
Mary Anne Lucas, Jill Salisbury, Judy McCord, Geri Roth, Nancy Horton &
Dianne Novak ... April 2007



SSusan Sidy Zepkin and her life partner, Brian ~ 2005 River

Jack Mitchell, in his Fountain Valley Police Dept.
Uniform where he volunteers. 

L-R  Susan Sherman , Nancy Horton, Patty Robson, Dianne Novak, Diane Graveline,
Geri Roth & Missy Tatum ~ June 2006


Dave & Dale Luster Silverman
Wailea Mariott on Maui - Luau - May 2006
Look at those wonderful smiles ... they obviously have the Aloha spirit


Phil Birnbaum-More and his beautiful wife, Marlin
in Maui ~ August 2005

John Barberis with his two favorite attorneys
his daughter Colleen and wife Pat ... December 2005

Rusty Benglen & Dori  ~ December 2005

Christmas party ~ 2005

Mike Sanchez & Vernette (Missy) Tatum ~ December 2005


Judi Hersh Welch, Mike Smith & Holly McCloud Lindley having
a great visit at Holly's beautiful home in Ross, CA   11/05



Sue Ehinger Simmons and "Dilbert", her 2500 lb. steer in front of
her beautiful Pueblo style house in Mancos, CO.

Carolyn Crundall Stransky & hubby Michael
 "I am what you might call a "biker lady" since I ride on the back of a BMW (not pictured)
 not a HARLEY.  Gals who ride on the back of Harleys are given another name!

Mike Donahue & Steve Roach

Jerry Weeks wearing a Dukes jacket ~ June 2005

Arline Tepper & boyfriend, Harry ~ August 2004

Diane Graveline Johnson, Judi Hersh Welch, Muffy Cohan Barnard
& Sherrie Schenk Mariol ~ Dec. 04


Judi Hersh Welch, Vernette Tatum, Nancy Horton Backus & Muffy Cohan Barnard ~ Dec 04

Judi Hersh Welch, Jill Salisbury Tolliver & Geri Roth Jacobson ~ Dec 04

Sheila Fields Keiser, Carol McConkey Younger & Brent Miller ~ Dec 04

Chuck Zaionz and his Bride, Rachel.  
Their wedding was on July 10, 2004 at the Lowes Motor Speedway (NASCAR). 

Eddie Pond 9-30-2004 
Community Concerts; Todos Santos Park, Concord, CA


Karen Blessing Little enjoying a beautiful day at Beverly Hull's ranch ~ Sept. 04


Karen Blessing Little & Bev Hull at Bev's ranch in Moorpark, CA  ~ Sept. 04



Gary Hale ... Feb. 2007


Beverly Hull with one of her horses at her ranch in Moorpark, CA



Dianne Novak & the owner, Arturo "Arte" Moreno, of the 
Anaheim Angels baseball team ... June '04


Dan McMillian and his pet mongoose, "Arrow"


Jill Davis is the Queen Mother of the Crimson Crones in
Portland, Oregon.


Judi Hersh Welch, Muffy Cohan Barnard & Allison Plant ~ March '04


Barbara Houy Jones, hubby Richard (W'61) and grandchildren.  Dec. 03

Jill Salisbury Tolliver & Anne Shipley ~ Mammoth, CA  March 2004

Keith Mercill, Dean Mercill, Jill Salisbury Tolliver & Mary Anne Lucas Mercill ~ March 2004


Karen Burnstyn, Gale Aronson Roth, Jane Weinberg Gordon, 
Jeanne Zalk Barry & Judi Hersh Welch ~ Feb. 2004

Mike Smith & Judi Hersh Welch ~ Feb. 2004

Dick & Jeanne (Zalk) Barry  ~ Feb. 2004

Gale Aronson Roth and hubby Tony (W'60) Feb. '04


Allison Plant, Susie Sorrells, Missy Tatum ~ Feb, '04


Mikell Nettels, Craig Johnson, Judi Hersh, Patti Malmen ~ Dec. 03

Eddie Moore, Jim Giba, Diane Graveline, 
Bonnie Graveline, Mary Kumler Moore ~ 12/03


John Kane, Holly McCloud, Mike Smith ~ December 2003

USC Alumni, Judi Hersh Welch with Matt Leinhart, 
the MVP, 6'7" USC Quarterback ~ Rose Bowl, 2004


Jeff & Ed Moore ~ December 03

Sherrie Schenk & Randy Barnard ~ December 03

Dianne Novak was with the "Coolest" guy there, Mr. Snowman
~ December 03

Mike & Kathy Sanchez ~ December 03

Jim & Sheri (McGovern) Hammond  ~ December 03


Reed & Nancy (Horton) Backus


Jill Salisbury Tolliver & Vernette Tatum ~ December 03


Elaine & Larry Lucas ~ December 03


Mikell Nettels, Muffy Cohan, Diane Graveline & Jill Salisbury ~ Dec. 2003


Judi Hersh, Jeanne Zalk, Dick Barry 
& Jane Weinberg ~ Dec. 2003

Muffy Cohan, Patti Malmen & Mary Moore ~ Dec. 2003

The reindeer in the front is Dianne Novak and in her sleigh, are ...
Muffy Cohan, Vernette Tatum, Judi Hersh, Jill Salisbury, Geri Roth, 
Jeanne Zalk, Jane Weinberg
and in the middle, Mikell Nettels ~ Dec. 2003


Patti Malmen, Eddie & Mary Moore ~ Dec. 2003


Jim Giba ~ Dec. 2003

Jeanne Zalk, Vernette Tatum, Diane Graveline, Nancy Horton
in the background are Rena & Augie Wagner, 
visiting with Gene Horner & Rusty Benglen ~ 12/03

Ed  Groschwitz, Ron Tolliver, Tom Welch, Judy McCord, 
Jill Salisbury & Sheila Fields ~ Dec. 2003


Judy McCord & Ed Groschwitz ~ December 03

Jane Weinberg Gordon, Nancy Hirsch Cohen, Jeanne Zalk Barry 
& Judi Hersh Welch ~ Oct. 2003

New Year's Eve ~ 1999 - Randy & Muffy (Cohan) Barnard


Don & Diane Philips ...

Vicki (Bernstein) Daly Redholtz 50th Birthday party with
daughter and international family


Lunch at Fred's Mexican Cafe in Old Town, San Diego, CA ~ 12/02
Vernette Tatum, Jill Salisbury, Carol McConkey, Judy McCord, 
& Mikell Nettels,
picture taken by Sue Karasick ...


Nancy Horton Backus and Jimmy Moorman ...



1999 ...
Elaine & Larry Lucas, Sherrie, Steve & Carol, Diane, Vernette, Craig


2002 at Diane Graveline's
Nancy Horton, Dianne Novak, Judi Hersh, Sherry McGovern, 
Jim Hammond, Muffy Cohan, Tom Welch, Steve Younger, 
Sherrie Wagner, Reed Backus, Randy Barnard, 
Vernette Tatum & Gene Horner ~ 12/03


Bonnie Buerkle and doggie friends, Ronda Lou & Sandypoint 
at their home in Henderson, NV

Bob & Pat Emrich and their doggie, Tucker
May 2003 ~ Mill Valley, CA


Cynthia Chan Hull, October 2003, Italy


Jill Salisbury ... February 2003

This is the year that most of us are going to turn the BIG 60  well, last month our classmate, (pictured above in mid-air) Jill Salisbury, decided to celebrate it by bungee jumping off the Kawarau Bridge (142 feet) above the Kawarau River outside of Queenstown 
in New Zealand.  It is the world's first bungy bridge established in November 1988 and the home of bungy ever since.  According to Jill, "It was the hugest adrenaline rush I have ever had and that includes sky-diving". Well, I for one, will have to just trust Jill on that one!!!


WOW ... now look what Jill Salisbury did!!!  Above is a picture of Jill on her 60th 
Birthday, 9/15/03, hang-gliding at Torrey Pines.  That is Jill on the left next to the instructor in a cocoon like pad that enables you to glide comfortably.  


Judi & Tom Welch ~ September 2002 - Pacific Palisades, CA

AFLAC Insurance Company did a commercial using Tom & Judi's house.  As you can see, their house looks beautiful and cold ... YEAH 75 degrees cold!!  AFLAC brought in a crew for two days (ducks and all) to film this commercial.  Watch for it airing sometime this November 
or December.



Steve Jaffe and his beautiful wife, Susan Blakely


Bob Bresnik and his pretty daughter, Hannah, on her wedding day ~ 2003

John Findlater, daughter, Linden (age 6) and his pretty wife, Vicki ...

Dianne Novak entertaining us at Judi Hersh's 50th Birthday Party ...


Judi Hersh, Ronnie McDonald, Patti Malmen, Mike Sanchez, Mary Anne Lucas
Webster Reunion ~ Summer 2001


Jerry & Evie Carpenter ~ 1997