Famous Uni Kids ... 
Associated with "Hollywood" in some way...
 most went to Uni, some went to Junior High School with us and didn't continue to 'Uni', 
but we're claiming them anyway!!!  As long as they had some connection with the "STARS" ...

Have anymore names to add??????
email Carol McConkey


Denny Aaberg -  filmmaker, (Big Wednesday) ~ mother, Jean Aaberg, author

Kemp Aaberg - Surfing, surf films, surf music,  ~ mother, Jean Aaberg, author

Steve Aaberg - singer, mother, Jean Aaberg, author

Gary Albert - father, Bill Burruds and Frankie Albert's nephew

Jeanette Andersen - inspired the song, "Jeanette Get Your Hair Done"
by Jan and Dean
and father, Robert Conway, actor

April Atkins - "Believe It Or Not" and "Guiness Book of Records" as 
"Stongest Girl On Earth"


Bill Bakaleinikoff - Robotics and his son had a major role in "Harry Potter"

Neal Barbera - storyboard writer for Hanna-Barbera,
father, Joseph Barbera, creator of Hanna-Barbera Productions

Jan Berry - singer (Jan & Dean)

Mike Barry - father, Gene Barry (TV's Bat Masterson)

Jean Bartel - Miss America 1943

Freddy Bartholomew - child actor

Anne Baxter - actress 

Jeff Berg - agent, one of Hollywood's most successful agents

Scott Berg - author, award winning author of biographies

Ben Bernie, Jr. - grandfather, Ben of "Ben Bernie and all the Lads" 1920's Big Band

Steve Bershad - father, Sheldon Leonard, actor/producer/director

Mike Boyer - father, Charles Boyer

Harland Braun - lawyer to the stars (currently, Robert Blake's attorney)

Beau Bridges - actor, father Lloyd Bridges, actor

Jeff Bridges - actor, father Lloyd Bridges, actor

James Brolin - actor, married to Barbra Streisand, singer/actress,
father of Josh Brolin, actor, and brother of Brian Bruderlin

Elizabeth Dean Brooks - father, Rolland M. Brooks,
Supervising Art Director, Paramount Studios

Brian Bruderlin - founded Paramount Recording Studios in 1966
and recorded platinum albums for Jimi Hendrix, Diana Ross, Frank Zappa,
Michael Jackson, & Devo, brother of actor, James Brolin


Chris Cabot - actor, father Sebastian Cabot, actor

Lance Carson -  surfer, "No Pants Lance"

David Cassidy - actor, The Partridge Family

Muffy Cohan - father Phil Cohan, producer/director

Tony Cohan - author, and brother of Muffy Cohan Barnard

Noreen Cocoran- actress

Richard Conviser - Violinist / Composer

Cheryl Crane - mother, Lana Turner

Chris Crawford - mother, Joan Crawford

 Chris Crosby - father, Bob Crosby, band leader, and uncle, Bing Crosby, actor/singer


Linda Darnell - actress

Jill Davis - father, Sid Davis, actor and John Wayne's stand-in. 
Grandmother, Anna Davis, extra and costume designer, worked with Edith Head.  
Great Uncle, Otto Lederer, make-up artist/character actor. 
*** For details, see "Notable Relatives"

Sandra Dee - actress

Penny DeFore - father, Don DeFore, actor

Kirsten Dehner - father, John Dehner, actor

Sheila Dehner, actress/dance and daughter of  John Dehner, actor

Tekla Dennison Miller, author

John Densmore, musician, drummer for "The Doors"

Judy Donlevy - father, Brian Donlevy, actor

Michael Douglas - actor, son of Kirk Douglas, actor

Daryl Dragon - singer, "The Captain and Tennille"
father, Carmen Dragon, orchestra conductor, composer, arranger

Bobby Driscoll - child star "Treasure Island"

Steve Dunn -  father, actor


Danny Elfman, composer/filmographer, associated with Oingo Boingo,
married to actress, Bridgett Fonda

Alexandra Ebsen - father,  Buddy Ebsen, actor/dancer

David Evans - father, Frank Evans, L.A.'s premier Cool Jazz DJ at KNOB

Peter Evans - father, Frank Evans, L.A.'s premier Cool Jazz DJ at KNOB


Shelley Fabares - actress

Steve Feld - father, Fritz Feld, character actor and was in over 400 motion pictures 
and mother, Virginia Christine, actress best known for her Folger's Coffee 
commercials as "Mrs. Olson"

Frances Fielding - father, Sol Fielding, producer

John Findlater - actor

Carrie Fisher, actress / author ~ father, Eddie Fisher, actor/singer and 
mother, Debbie Reynolds, actress/singer 

Beth Fishman - now, Elizabeth Loftus, author/lecturer/psychology expert 

Vince Flaherty - producer ~ father, Xavier Flaherty, columnist

Deidre Flynn - Stunt Woman and daughter of actor, Errol Flynn

Peter Ford - father, Glenn Ford, actor

Cherie Foster - rode motorcycle nude in "Vanishing Point"

The Four Cal-Quettes, singing group, Muffy Cohan, Judi Hersh,
Mary Anne Lucas, Carol McConkey

Kim Fowley - "The Pencil", composer/producer

Seth Freeman - writer/producer

Greg Friedkin, father, David Friedkin, producer

Annette Funicello, singer / actress


Judy Garland - actress/singer/dancer

Peggy Ann Garner - actress

Jill Gibson - singer/songwriter/photographer
sang with Mama's & Papa's and
wrote songs with Jan Berry

Arnie Ginsberg - of Jan and Arnie (pre. Jan and Dean)

Dick Gosting - singer, "Dick & Dee Dee"

Ann Gowland - father, Peter Gowland, famous photographer

Billy Gray - actor, "Father Knows Best"

Paul Groesse - father Paul, was nominated 11 times for Best Art Direction 
and won 3 Oscars for "The Pride and The Prejudice", "The Yearling",  and "Little Women"


Randa Haines, film director

Rusty Hamer - actor, "Make Room For Daddy" 

Mike Hancock - father, Hunter Hancock, DJ "Hunting With Hunter"

Jane Harman - Congresswoman for California's 36th Congressional District 1993 - present

Kristen Harmon - father, Tom Harmon, and was married to Rick Nelson

Michael Hayes - father, Raphael Hayes, screen writer, was nominated for an Academy Award
in 1964 for the original screen play of "One Potato, Two Potato"

Vanna Heflin - father, Van Heflin, actor and niece of Frances Heflin, actress

Monica Henreid, father, Paul Henreid, actor

Danette (Dani) Herman - executive in charge of talent 
currently coordinating producer of "The 
55th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards".
Danette also has had long-term relationships with 
The Academy Awards, The Kennedy Center Honors, The Emmy Awards, 
and The Tony Awards and many many more ...

Judi Hersh - grandfather, Seymour Felix, choreographer ~ was Flo Ziegfeld's
choreographer and won an Oscar (the first ever for dance direction) for 
"The Great Ziegfeld" in 1939.

Jason Hervey - actor, best known for the character Wayne Arnold on The Wonder Years

 Penny Holland - Miss Firecraker, 1962, Huntington Beach

Tony Horton, player for the Boston Red Sox

Dick Huckans - in 2012 he was inducted into the National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame
father, Dick Huckans, Head of Story Files Dept., ~ 20th Century Fox

Phillip Huckans - father, Dick Huckans,
Head of Story Files Department ~ 20th Century Fox

Mary Hughes - model/actress

Sharon Elizabeth Hugueny - actress



Dave Jaffe - father, Henry Jaffe produced the Dinah Shore Show

Steve Jaffe - film & television producer
also, married to actress, Susan Blakely

Bruce Johnston - Beach Boys , Song writer & Grammy Winner

Jack Jones - singer

Mike Jones (on radio known as Mike O'Neil) - Bossjock
Radio stations included, 93KHJ, KIIS-AM/FM, KUTE-102,
KGFJ, KLAC & KRTH.  Also was promo voice for NBC, CBS & ABC


Bruce Kerner - producer

Kathy Kohner - "Gidget"

Marsha Kramer - actress

Robert Krieger - musician, guitarist for "The Doors"


Alan Ladd, Jr. - producer, father Alan Ladd, actor

Chris Laemmle, Grandfather owner of Laemmle Theatres

Art Lake, Jr. - father, Art Lake Sr., Dagwood of "Blondie & Dagwood"

Bill Lancaster, dad Burt Lancaster, actor

Jay Lester - father, Jerry Lester, comedienne

Gary Lewis - singer, father, Jerry Lewis, actor

Edmund Lindop - author, Children's Books and wrote a state-approved 
textbook on Latin America


Bryan MacLean - composer, singer, songwriter, from the band LOVE    

Craig Martin - father, Dean Martin, actor/singer

Mike Mature - father, Victor Mature, actor

Doug McClure - actor  

Roddy McDowall born Roderick McDowall - actor best known for Planet of the Apes

Mike & Kit Menkin, father, Larry Menkin prolific writer for many of the popular TV shows of the 50's and early 60's, such as
 Lawman, Perry Mason, 77 Sunset Strip and Death Valley Days.  Also, Larry Menkin won the Canada Lee Foundation Award for Integration in the Arts,
for the show "Harlem Detective" which  featured a white lead and a black lead.  It was on WOR TV for two years, 1953-54.  There's a long story about it ...the show was on
before the Supreme Court Integration Case so it was really pioneering.  All of his scripts were donated by his son Mike to the University of Wyoming American Heritage Center
in Laramie, Wyoming in 1994.  The collection is called, The Lawrence Menkin Collection ... 

Ron Meyer, President of Universal Pictures

Denny Miller - "Scott Miller" , actor, one of a long line of screen Tarzans

Liza Minnelli - singer/actress, daughter of Judy Garland, singer/actress 
and father, Vincent Minnelli, producer

Sherri Mishkin - father, Meyer Mishkin, helped discover Gregory Peck, 
Anne Baxter, Tyrone Power & Kirk Douglas

Chris Mitchum - actor - father, Robert Mitchum, actor

Jim Mitchum - actor - father, Robert Mitchum, actor

Norma Jean Baker - actress, "Marilyn Monroe"

Charley Morgan - father, Harry Morgan, actor

Chris Morgan - father, Harry Morgan, actor

Bob Moss - NFL player

Mickey Munoz - surfer

Mary Murphy - actress


Dave Navarro - rock musician - Jane's Addiction

Sandy Nelson - musician, drummer "Teen Beat"

Randy Newman - songwriter/singer/Academy Award winner. Randy
was nominated for 2 Golden Globes and 13 Academy Awards.
He won the Academy Award in 2001 for "Best Original Song" from Monster's Inc.  
Randy's uncle, Alfred Newman was known as one of the finest film scorist and 
his other two uncles, Lionel & Emil were noted composers.   Inducted to
the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ~ November 2012

Tracy Newman -  professional career in music and
sister of Larraine Newman of Saturday Night Live.

Bill Norton, writer / director

Ben Nye, Jr. - make-up artist, father Ben Sr., also a Make-up Artist


Margaret O'Brien - actress

Kevin O'Neal - actor

Pat O'Neal - actor, "Ryan O'Neal"


Steven Panama, father producer for Columbia Pictures

Mell Patton - athlete
was the most famous Athlete to come from Uni.  He set a world record of 9.3 seconds 
in the 100 yard dash for USC and the won the title "World's Fastest Human".  He also won 
the 200 meter Olympic title in London, after which a reporter asked him what was the 
most cheering thing that happened during the race?  Answered, "Pell-Mell" Patton, "When I heard a couple of folks over by the stands shouting "Yeah,  University High"

Michael Pirosh, Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles.
Robert Pirosh, (Michael's father) was creator and writer of "COMBAT",
mid 60's television series, starring Vic Morrow.

Jane Powell, actress

Janet Purcell, former head hairstylist for NBC


Christina Quinn - father, Anthony Quinn, actor

Kathleen Quinn - father, Anthony Quinn, actor


Bonnie Rait - singer, father John Rait, actor/singer

Maureen Reagan, daughter of President Ronald Reagan and
mother, Jane Wyman, actress

Tommy Retig - actor

Freddie Ridgeway - actor

Herb Ritts - photographer

Susie Rockwell - father, Robert Rockwell, actor

Geri Roth - father, Larry Roth was one of the early surfers (1937) in the 
US.  Original member of San Onofre Surfing club ... 
their surfboards weighed 100 lbs

Gail Russell, actress


Leon Schniderman - band member of Oingo Boingo

Linda Scott- actress

Les Sheldon - Emmy winning producer / director

Robert Sherman - producer, Robert Sherman Productions host sites such as "Quizland.com" "
The best Quiz shows, Puzzles, Fun and Games on the Web", "HerMoment.com" an online "community for women" offering celebrity gossip and recipes,
and "MajoritySays.com", which polls Internet users on obtuse subjects. Robert's father, Allan Sherman, is the author, singer, songwriter, comedian, who wrote
"Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah".  Robert is the subject of angst in his father's "Camp Granada", recorded in August of 1962. 

Frank Sinatra, Jr - singer, father, Frank Sinatra, actor/singer

Nancy Sinatra - singer, father, Frank Sinatra, actor/singer

Tina Sinatra, father Frank Sinatra, actor/singer

Erika Sloane - father, Everett Sloane, actor

Jackie Smith - mother, Helen O'Connell, singer

Steve Smith - Carolina Panthers, NFL wide receiver

Judy Spiegelman - stage name (Judy Harriet), Mouseketeer

Mary Sperling - singer "Dick & Dee Dee"

Chuck Steel - singer

Tisha Sterling - actress, mother, Ann Southern, actress 
father, Robert Sterling, actor

Dan Stevens, S'60, Theatrical Agent at William Morris and, later,
CMA; agent for the Sonny and Cher Show, Comedian JJ Walker, and many others.
Father, Robert Stevens, CA State Assemblyman and Senator and Superior Court Judge


Gary Stevens, S'61, Retired Motorcycle CHIP (CA Hwy Patrol); movie made of one of his cases.
Father, Robert Stevens, CA State Assemblyman and Senator and Superior Court Judge

Gayle Stevens Gorman, model - married to Cliff Gorman, Tony Award winning actor

Tom Stevens, S'64, Oldest Graduate of Navy SEAL Training; Officer in Charge of the Navy Parachute Team, who performed at the Holiday Bowl and World Series in San Diego; Tom continues to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan for Blackwater, the company who's security contractors were killed, burned, and hung on the Fallujah bridge in Iraq in April 2004.  Father, Robert Stevens, CA State Assemblyman and Senator and Superior Court Judge

Steve Sweetland, singer in the Roger Wagner Chorale



Vernette (Missy) Tatum - Ms. "Typo" Queen ~ 2003

Elizabeth Taylor - actress

Jana Taylor - actress/photographer

Manuela Theiss - mother, Ursula Theiss, actress
father - George Theiss, director
and step-father, Robert Taylor, actor

Marshall Thompson - actor

Dean Torrance - singer, "Jan & Dean"



Peter Viertel - author,  married actress Deborah Kerr, and is also known 
for screenplays and novel "White Hunter, Black Heart"

Dennis Virkler - Film Editor, "Hunt for Red October"
up for Academy Award for The Fugitive - but lost to Schindler's List



Jackie Wagner - father, Roger Wagner, musician "Roger Wagner Choral"

Stephanie Wanger - mother, Joan Bennet

David Wapner - father, Judge Wapner

Lenny Waronker - executive, Dreamworks Records

Julie Webb - actress, brother Guy is a website member

Tim Weisberg - musician, flutist

Mary Louis Weller - actress

Cissy Wellman - father William Wellman, producer/director

Kip Whitman - actor

Stuart Whitman - actor

Steven Wiley, father of Noah Wiley, actor

Heidi Wisemuller - father, Johnny Wisemuller, actor "Tarzan"

Johnny Wisemuller, Jr. -  father, Johnny Wisemuller, actor "Tarzan"

Wendy Wisemuller - father, Johnny Wisemuller, actor "Tarzan"

Carol Worthington, actress

Jack Wrather, Jr - father, Jack Wrather, Sr., producer "Lassie"




Gary Zekley - singer/songwriter/producer 
father, Zeke, famous cartoonist

Carol Zekley, father, Zeke, famous cartoonist
brother, Gary - singer/songwriter/producer

and many, many, more