In memory of ...
James Guy Moorman
August 23, 1942  - January 21, 2004


Many, many thanks to Larry Lucas, Nancy Horton, 
Vernette Tatum & Diane Graveline  
for organizing the "Celebration of Life".  And, many thanks to 
Melantha Tatum for doing such a wonderful job of officiating 
the Memorial Service for 
Our Beloved Classmate, which took place on
Saturday, March 13, 2004 ~ Topanga State Park 

We truly appreciate each of your efforts
to make the day extraordinary.


People in attendance:  Bill Barnett & wife Chris, Rich McKinney, Vince Flaherty, Pete Avalone, Guy Webb & daughter Karla, John Strong, Gale & Jim McWhirter, Larry & Elaine Lucas, Missy Tatum, Craig & Diane (Graveline) Johnson, Nancy Horton, Keith & Maryanne (Lucas) Mercill, Dean Mercill, Randy & Muffy (Cohan) Barnard, Dianne Novak, Melantha Tatum, Mike Ripps, Nancy Viller, Susan Sidy, Geri Roth, Dennis Lynch, Cary McKenzie, 
Sheri McGovern, Sherrie Schenk, Jeff,  Doug Rohrbough, Tom & Judi (Hersh) Welch, Bruce & Karen (Blessing) Little, Rusty Benglen, Dori ?, Steve & Carol (McConkey) Younger.  Did I forget anyone?????

Diane Graveline Johnson collected the money for our lunch from everyone and there was monies left over ($94.00) and it will be donated on behalf of
Jimmy's classmates and friends to the 'Asthma Foundation'.


 Larry Lucas speaking and the group listening ...


Doug Rohrbough ...



We all formed a circle and held hands while the song you are now hearing
"I Can Only Imagine " was playing...

Sage Brush Cantina ...


Jim McWhirter, Dennis Lynch, Geri Roth


Keith & Mary Anne (Lucas) Mercill


Randy Barnard, John Strong, Bill Barnett, Pete Avalone & Tom Welch


Steve and Carol (McConkey) Younger



Randy Barnard and Diane Graveline Johnson


Guy Webb, daughter Karla and his sister, Julie Webb ...


Dianne Novak, Judi Hersh Welch, Tom Welch, Guy Webb taking picture,
John Strong, Muffy Cohan Barnard, Mike Johnson, Dori ?, Sherrie Schenk Mariol
and Missy Tatum with back to camera.


Sherrie Schenk Mariol, Muffy Cohan Bernard & Missy Tatum


The group with Larry & Elaine Lucas and Craig Johnson in the foreground

More of the group at lunch ...


Larry and Elaine (Hargraves) Lucas

Judi (Hersh) Welch & Carol (McConkey) Younger

Mary Anne (Lucas) Mercill and brother-in-law, Dean

Randy Barnard, John Strong, Bill Barnett & Tom Welch

Guy Webb, Sherrie (Schenk) Mariol, Pete Avalone & Missy Tatum

Mike Johnson & Nancy (Horton) Backus