Mary Hughes
Vanity Fair Magazine  ~ August  2006



" The girls were all gorgeous. They were squeezed into the same three categories 1. the aloof and intimidating 2. the sweet and wholesome 3, the dangerously hungry. The queen of the first group was University High's Mary Hughes, who at five feet nine, with puffy,piled up blonde hair and a George Hamilton tan, stode the beach as if it were a Paris catwalk. When Mary Hughes walked down the beach every guy would turn his head and stare. Not most of the guys but EVERY guy. She would appear on the sand- this striking statuesque girl with dark skin and a tiny bikini and an incredibly elongated body,very long legs,tiny waist and broad shoulders...and she would be flanked by these younger twin guys who were like her body guards. She was almost an artist at presenting herself".


"Did he say that? that was sweet" says Mary Hughes who today is married to a wealthy owner of a packaging company, and who still has a killer bod (she's been a personal trainer for 30 years) still owns a boogie board and has surfing sons, still is in the Malibu"in" crowd- the middle aged chapter. Mary took a 25 year detour from Malibu, including a late 60s period in London, during which she says she had romances with rock stars Jeff Beck,Roger Daltrey,Eric Clapton and a period in Mill Valley when she was married for 18 years to musician singer Lee Michaels (" Do you know what I mean & Heighty Hi") with whom she raised 14 cheetahs and two tigers."