Miscellaneous Photos



Bill Bakaleinikoff & Darth Doyle appearing on TV
Battle Bots ~ 1996


Two of the photos show me getting the robot ready for his first match.  The photos in the ring are my first match which we lost....that square looking box took first place.  I was the first one to battle him.......the robot had a hidden fork lift which would jet out from his underbelly and slide right underneath the other robot.  In the photo you can see where I got trapped between the robot and the yellow and black paddle that came out of nowhere (you are also battling the house).

 I could not move forward or backward and he finally lifted my robot up and tossed it over the wall......all 450 pounds worth.  He went on to capture the heavy weight title.  The other photo of the ring was the grand finally ........the heavy weight free-for all ..........We (my son and me) were finally victorious taking on six robots at one time......you see see us battling the last survivor....the other lay in carnage in the back ground..........it was great fun.

 Notice the long drill coming out of the front of Darth.....we had a chain whip in the rear along with a harpoon ......I had a water canon but they wouldn't let me use it (I was going to drench their electronics..........oh well........Billy the Kid


Howard Hughes (in the middle) in his large seaplane during his famous 20 foot high flight. On the left is William Berry, who was Hughes' chief engineer, engineered that thing.
William was the father of Uni-ites Jan and Ken.