Look who's been getting together for "Mini Reunions" ...

Steve & Karen Russell Brown ~ August 2015


Mike Ripps, Jeanette & Jerry Baker

Brian Wald and Stuart Kern

Jerry Baker, Jay Russell & Dick Barry

Ronnie Kosser & Steve Brown


Judi Hersh Welch, Tom Welch & Mike Ripps


Dick Barry, Jeanne Zalk Barry & Judi Hersh Welch


Lenny & Christine Grossman & Jeanette Baker


The group ... August 2015




Phillip Huckans, Stuart Kern & Jerry Carpenter
Costa Mesa, CA ~ June 2015



Nancy Horton Backus, Shirley Fox Brown, Diane Graveline Johnson & Vernette Tatum
Marie Calendars, WLA ~ June 2015


Marlin More, Phil (Birnbaum) More, Karen (Blessing) Little, Bruce Little
celebrating Phil and Marlin’s 50th wedding anniversary in Palos Verdes,  12/26/14

Nancy Viller, Sheila (Viller) Raymond, Karen (Blessing) Little at Nancy’s
House in Oceanside,  12/27/14  

“The Granville Avenue Gang” – Unihi graduates Nancy Viller (’61),
Karen (Blessing) Little (’61), Sheila (Viller) Raymond (’59),
Janice (Smith) Speck (’57), Dennis Speck (’56) at Nancy’s, 12/27/14


Bill & Ellen Bakaleinikoff & Stuart Kern
October, 2014 ~ Pigeon Point Lighthouse, Santa Cruz, CA



Tom Welch, Dick Barry & Larry Kent  (LOL ... Tom, Dick & Larry)
Feb. 2014

Timothea Lytton, Geri Roth, Joan Gardner, Jeanne Zalk, Karen Russell & Judi Hersh
Feb. 2014


Stuart Kern, Mark Speizer and his new bride, Elaine ...
Mike Ripps was there also, but behind the camera.
January, 2014

Stuart Kern & Michael Ripps
(picture taken before the had to go to the kitchen to wash dishes at the restaurant to pay for their dinner)  tee hee
December 2013

Stuart Kern & Guy Webb, aka   "The Smith Bros."
Montecito, CA ~ November 2013

Jane Weinberg, Gale Aronson, Jeanne Zalk, Judi Hersh & Barbara Barton ~ 2011

Jane Weinberg, Gale Aronson, Jeanne Zalk, Karen Russell & Barbara Barton ~ 2011


Judi Hersh, Jane Weinberg, Nancy Blanc, Barbara Barton, Jeanne Zalk, Karen Russell
in front of Beech Street Cafe, Pacific Palisades ~ 2011



  Jason's Reunion January 2013
STANDING:   Bob Emrich, Doug Prestine, Bill Bakaleinikoff, Bill Norton, Brian Wald,
Larry Kent, Dick Barry, Mark Speizer, Steve Brown & Mike Ripps.
SEATED:  Jerry Baker, Stuart Kern & Doug Weitman


Diane Graveline, Bobbie Goodale, Jill Salisbury, Monica Webb & Hilary Thompson  ~ Nov. 2012
all started Kindergarten together at Pacific Palisades Elementary.


Bruce Belland (4 Preps) and Mary Anne Lucas (4 Cal-Quettes) August 2012
Mary Anne attended a 4 Preps concert at Balboa Island and Bruce was
the manager of the Four Cal-Quettes

Diane Graveline Johnson & Judy Vandegrift
Balboa Island, CA   ~ October, 2010


Randy Barnard, Craig Johnson, Diane Graveline, Jeff Haller, Sherrie Schenk, Jerry Weeks
Vernette Tatum, Muffy Cohan, Carol McConkey, Cristy Reed (Carol's daughter),
and Steve Younger    
Bend, Oregon ~ Bamboo Room  ... August 2009

Jeff Haller, Muffy Cohan, Melantha Tatum, Mike Bobrick, Carol McConkey, Steve Younger
Tumalo Falls, Bend, OR  ~  August 2009

Jacquie Brothers Rosencrantz & Diane Graveline Johnson
Dexter, Oregon  ~  August 2009

Bobbie Barton Pajot, Judi Hersh Welch, Jill Salisbury Tolliver
Mammoth, CA ~ August 2009


Guy Webb, John Strong, Jerry Carpenter & Stuart Kern (Sunday August 9, 2009) at the Santa Barbara Polo Club America Cup polo matches in Carpinteria, CA at the Ventura Botanical Gardens "Polo, Picnic & Paradise" event.


Karen Blessing Little & Teddy Gerstl at his
B & B Villa in Tuscany, Italy  ~  November 2008


Toni Barra & Judy Vandegrift seeing each other for the
first time since graduation in 1961        
November 2008

Judy Vandegrift & Toni Barra with the picture of them (see Uni Kiddies)
taken when they were in ballet together.
November 2008

Mike Ripps visiting with Debbie (friend of Patty's) and Patty Robson
in Paris, France   ...  August 2008 

Tom & Judi Hersh Welch , Judy McCord & Don Forster
Del Mar, CA ~ June 2008


Ellen Bakaleinikoff, Tim & Jorie Ellis
Moss Beach, CA ~ 10/29/07


Tim Ellis & Bill Bakaleinikoff
Moss Beach, CA ~ 10/29/07

Stuart Kern, Rich McKinney, Bob Brann, Lunch at Oceanside 8/30/07

Diane Graveline Johnson and her 4 granddaughters
and John Findlater and daughter Linden ~ May 27, 2007

Ended up at the "American Girl Store" on the same day, at the same time,
miles from both of their houses.  And, they wound up at lunch tables next to
each other (previous reservations were made).
It is a "Small World" after all ...


Linda Bates, Gary Hale & Noreen Hampson ~ 2/09/2007
all three were neighbors growing up ...


Jerry's a natural born rider 5/6/05

Bob and Jerry at the "Chicken Pie House" in San Diego 5/6/05

Sue Sidy Zepkin & Danny Stat (Statnekov) .. 2005

Getting together in New York are
Anne Shipley, Patty Robson, Linda Ortiz & Nan Cooper ~ Feb.'05

Randy Barnard, Sherrie Schenk, Missy Tatum, Steve Roach, Carol McConkey, Muffy Cohan
& Diane Graveline ... Feb'05

Steve Roach & Missy Tatum get-together
at Mikell Nettles Windgard's home in Hawaii ..
It looks like we also got a nice picture of Mikell's thumb!! ;-)  Feb. '05


Cal "Buzz" Naylor & Jeanette Andersen at
Vince Flaherty's Super Bowl Party ~ Jan. '05


John Barberis and his favorite lawyers, his daughter & his wife


Once High School Sweethearts
Karen Blessing Little & Bill Ramsey ~ October 2004


The meeting that Bill wrote about wearing his "Islander event" shirt  ...  8/04
Patti Malmen, Nancy Horton, Ellen & Bill Bakaleinikoff & Missy Tatum


Patti Malmen Motta, Vernette Tatum, Nancy Horton Backus, 8/04


Ron Tolliver, Randy & Muffy Barnard & Jill Tolliver 
at Randy & Muffy's beautiful home in Summerland, CA  8/04


Reed Backus, Randy Barnard, Jill Salisbury Tolliver ~ June 04



Nancy Horton Backus & Judi Hersh Welch ~ June 04


Sheri McGovern, Muffy Cohan, Carol McConkey Younger & Steve Younger ~ June 04


Diane Graveline Johnson, Craig Johnson, Bill Pajot & Bobbie Barton Pajot ~ June 04

?, Geri Roth Jacboson, & Missy Tatum ~ June 04

L-R, :,?, Dianne Novak, Judi Hersh, Jill Salisbury, Missy Tatum, Jeanne Zalk,
Niki Ziff, Carol McConkey, Muffy Cohan, Deanne Welch, 
Bobbie Barton & Sheri McGovern ~ June 04

At Muffy & Randy's beautiful home in Summerland, CA ~ May 2004
back row L-R: Diane Graveline & Sherrie Schenk
sitting on couch: Muffy Cohan, Carol McConkey, Vernette Tatum, Suzi Sorrels & Alison Plant


Karen Blessing Little, Bruce Little, Wayne & Janet Volat came to San Diego
on their way to meet "Daddy-O Dan" in Tecate, Mexico.  We all met for
dinner the night before.  *Watch for the story and
pictures from Karen on Daddy-O-Dan ...

at the table ... 
Karen Blessing, Carol McConkey Younger, Janet & Wayne Volat, Bruce Little 
and standing holding our Islanders' sign are 
Bob Brann and Steve Younger ~ October 2003


Bob Brann, Bruce & Karen Little, Augie Wagner, Steve Younger, Wayne Volat 
~ October 2003 ~
Augie & Karen (both went to Richland Elementary) hadn't 
seen each other since High School

Monica Webb, Susan Ozer and Sue Karasick all live in the Denver area.
Sue and Susan recently discovered that Monica lives there.
They all got together (with Susan's Chieftain) for lunch ~ Oct


John Barberis visiting Lucky Linda Hurst Boote at her home 
in Lahaina, Hawaii ~ Summer 2000

Jane Weinberg, Nancy Hirsch , Carol Tamkin, Timothea Lytton, 
Sarah (Steffani) Moss & Jeanne Zalk, got together for lunch.
February '2001


Judi Hersh, Carol McConkey, Bob Brann & Vernette Tatum
At Judi's, preparing to record the Cal-Quettes' songs for a CD
February '01


In August, 2003, Diane Graveline, Muffy Cohan, Paul Groesse, 
Sherrie Schenk, Vernette Tatum and Carol McConkey
all got together to see Paul. It had been over 40 years.


At the same reunion:
Guy Webb, Mike Sanchez, Randy Barnard & Paul Groesse


Vernette Tatum & Sandy Lederfine share a beautiful day in Malibu


Carol McConkey, Sue Karasick, Mikell Nettels, Vernette Tatum, 
Judy McCord & Jill Salisbury in front of Judy McCord's candy store.
Old Town, San Diego, Jan'03


Muffy Cohan visiting Patty Robson in the wine shop
where Patty works in Paris, France ~ Sept'03


Patti Malmen visiting Patty Robson in front of the
wine shop in Paris, France ~ Sept'03


Muffy Cohan & Allison Plant got together after discovering they both
live in the Santa Barbara area ~ Summer'03

Mikell Nettels, Warren Scoville & Jill Salisbury visited at Warren's 
beautiful home in Lahaina, Hawaii ... Oct. ' 03