Links to Islander's Favorite Web-Sites...

There's enough stuff on this page to keep you busy for the rest of your life!
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Websites of other classes:

Alohans ~ Summer '50

New Yorkers ~ Winter '61

Uni High Alumni Assn

Classmates' and Friend's Personal & Business Websites:

Sandy Stagman

Paul Groesse's niece / Sculptor

 Violinist / Composer, Richard Conviser

Meet Jeff Wasserman

Al Schwider's Farm in Washington State

Ayris Hatton's ('62) Website - 

Danny Stat's Motorcycle Museum

Don Parson's Company

Ed "Edzo" Pond's Website

Vince Flaherty's Music Group - The InVincebles

Teddy Gerstl's Italian B & B

Rich Goshert Financial

Jim Hine's Wife's Art/Travel/etc

Judy McCord's Candy Stores - Montana & San Diego

Leannah Jones Hunt ~ Realtor, Palo Alto

Linda Ortiz ~ Artist

Don Philips ~ Realtor

Mary Spitzer Grodin ~ Financial Consultant

Patty Robson - Artist

Jill Swedlow's Sunny Side Farm

Pam Gilchrist, owner of Howard Boats  

Paul Groesse's B & B 

Stan Cline's Art

Tom Sprague's Photography Site -

Jim Webster's Lawfirm's Webpage  

Trav Wood's webpage  

Classmates' Website Recommendations: - Don't miss this website... and I mean REALLY look it over. Mike Murray is also the webmaster of the New Yorkers class website. Good job, Mike. 

Animation Factory - Carol McConkey

California Coastline Ariel Photos - Guy Webb

EBay - Eddie Pond's favorite place

Remember these Times? - Sue Sidy found this website... perfect! Thank you Sue.

Marbles  - Caution - You'll get 'Hooked' on this game

Music Match  - best free MP3 player on the web

Pacific Palisades from WAAAYYY up high....

The Viet Nam Wall - Pat Wagner

Uni High History - Pat Wagner

Westwood Village History - Pat Wagner

Southern California/Malibu Lore - Jim Hine found this one ... Thanks Jim