Uni High Days ... Islanders & Friends & Parties

Dick Gosting, his date Cheryl, John Nollen & Bobbie Fisher
Coconut Grove ... 1960 ish


Marge Godbout & Pat Wagner,
Dressed for the Military Ball ~ January 1961


Gayle Stevens and husband to be, actor Cliff Gorman

Back Row ... Frank Holguin
Front Row ... Jim Hine

Ft. MacArthur in May, 1960 with the ROTC

Skooter Booth & John Findlater, Catalina Island ~ 1961

 Barbara Colwell Cameron's Family ~ December 1959
Photo taken at their house on N.Bundy Dr.

From left to right:
Nappy (their precious but entirely undisciplined dog); Ruth Colwell;
Barbara Colwell (Cameron), Linda Colwell (Kennedy); Frank Colwell 



Charlene Bergman & Vince Flaherty ... 1959

Bob D'Amore, Doug Rohrbough & John Fisher on road trip 
in front of Bob's '47 Merc ... 1959


Same Road trip Dick, Bob & Doug ~ 1959


Dick taking a BIG BITE inside Bob's car ... wearing Doug's jacket.


Dick Corlett (wearing Bob'jacket...were they trying to confuse us?) Doug & John Fisher


Jerry Weeks, Bobbie Barton, Rob Hawkins & Marshal Stevens

Carol McConkey & Eddie Moore ~ Senior Prom 1961

1961 ...Queen Kathy Ellsworth & her Court - 12th Grade Y-Teen
back row ...
(?), Queen Kathy, Lee Schuster
Diane Graveline, Adrienne Sepmeyer

The R.O.T.C. group at Ft. McArthur ~ 1960 
Left back ; Frank Holguin, John McNaughton, (?), (?), (?)
on the right, Jim Hine

1960 State Beach ... Patty Robson, Vernette Tatum,
Holly McCloud, Lauren Greenberg


1960 ... Sue Karasick's Sweet "16"


Susan Ozer's Sweet "16" ~ December 1959

Top Row ~ L-R 
Renee Palmer, Jordine Bankey (W'61 deceased) Nancy Forman, Sue Karasick
Ann Scheckner, Carol Carfagno, Suzanne Bornstein, Nancy Arnold, Susan Ozer, 
Karen Burstyn, Kathy White
Vicki Singer, Corrine Singer, boy cousin, Sue Jacobs


Jill Salisbury & Judi Hersh at the Kissing Booth, 
Muffy Cohan inside the booth, and Ronnie Raymond getting 
a kiss from ?, Sue Ehinger on right..  does anyone know who is kissing Ronnie?


Danny Fuller & Connie Middleton ... 1960

Diane Graveline & John Findlater ~ John's Fraternity Party ... 
he was wearing the after shave "Aqua Velva" and now 
every time Diane smells "Aqua Velva" she thinks about 
John, aka Mr. Aqua Velva Man  ... :-)

1961 ... Carol McConkey, Muffy Cohan, Joanie Burns,
Diane Graveline, Patti Malmen


Don Parson - Christmas 1962


Cheri Johnson & Don Parson - Christmas 1962


Top L-R Nancy Forman & friend, August '64,  Susan Ozer
Ann Scheckner, January 1963 and Stuart Kern


Thanks to Jim Hine ...
North Bay Surfers ~ Winter 1961 ... Taken at State Beach ( 8:30 AM)

Top row : L to R 
Jim Ganzer, Jim Hine, Brian Donley, Pete Marsdan, Jerry Waco, 
Pete Johnson, Chuck ?, Willie Scheer  
Middle row :Bob Barada, Loyd Knutson, Stuart Bailey, 
Dave Stewart, Mark Neikrug, Bob Gilbert, Tony Kronman 
Front row: Mike Lurray

Note:  Jerry Waco and Mike Lurray did not go to Uni in 1961.

Pete Avalone, Bob Matthess & Todd Turnham dancing with Joy Schmitman
~ Summer 1961 ~ at a party at Mike Bobricks ...


Carol McConkey on her first (and only day) and Neenies!!  
See the sign in the background ... 
Roast Beef Sandwich, $.65 , double burger,  $.65 , with cheese, $.75!! :-)

Geri Roth's Sweet 16 Party ~ Thanks Geri for the great pictures ...

back row - Adrienne Sepmeyer, Diane Graveline, Carol McConkey, Muffy Cohan
Holly McCloud, Linda Ortiz

Nancy Horton, Andie Mike, Monica Webb, Stephanie Moss

Judy McCord, Anne Shipley, Jill Salisbury, Patty Robson

Dani Herman, Gail Aronson, Holly McCloud, Linda Ortiz